The Mammary Project

The Mammary Project

Random thoughts on breastfeeding and other mommy matters

3 days before my baby turns one

I exclusively breastfeed my daughter since she was born. I was never on pills or anything. Now 3 days before my baby turns one - I finally have my period. No wonder I’ve been feeling a little lazy the past few days…

To wayfarerhodgepodge

I asked heartandsoulmidwifery about your concern and she said the same thing. As long as you think you have enough nourishment for you, your nursing baby and the little one growing inside you.

I hope that helps. Happy breastfeeding! :)

wayfarerhodgepodge-deactivated2 asked: Greetings. I am a mother of a nine month old and am still exclusively breastfeeding while pregnant. Is this ok?


Hi! Yes, you should, as long as you get enough nutrition for all 3 of you. Let me try to get some information up here to help you better. Hang in there! :)

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Your baby is over 6 months old and you’re still exclusively breastfeeding

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